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FbPager::FbPager Class Reference

#include <FbPager.hh>

Inheritance diagram for FbPager::FbPager:

FbTk::EventHandler FbPager::Pager FbTk::NotCopyable

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Detailed Description

Shows a pager window with all workspaces and their windows.

Definition at line 46 of file FbPager.hh.

Public Types

enum  Alignment { LEFT_TO_RIGHT, TOP_TO_BOTTOM }

Public Member Functions

void addWindow (Window win, unsigned int workspace_num)
 add a window to workspace
virtual void enterNotifyEvent (XCrossingEvent &)
 FbPager (int screen_num, bool withdraw, bool use_fbhandler, bool use_ewhmhandler, bool show_resources, const char *resource_filename=0)
bool haveWindow (Window win)
void hide ()
virtual void keyPressEvent (XKeyEvent &)
virtual void keyReleaseEvent (XKeyEvent &)
virtual void leaveNotifyEvent (XCrossingEvent &)
void lowerWindow (Window win)
void moveToWorkspace (Window win, unsigned int workspace_num)
void raiseWindow (Window win)
void removeWindow (Window win)
 remove a window from workspace
void setCurrentWorkspace (unsigned int num)
void setFocusedWindow (Window win)
void show ()
void toggleWithdrawn ()
void updateWorkspaceCount (unsigned int num)
 update number of workspaces
event handlers
void buttonPressEvent (XButtonEvent &event)
void buttonReleaseEvent (XButtonEvent &event)
void exposeEvent (XExposeEvent &event)
void handleEvent (XEvent &event)
void motionNotifyEvent (XMotionEvent &event)

Private Types

typedef std::list
< ClientHandler * > 
typedef std::set< Window > WindowList
typedef std::vector< Workspace * > WorkspaceList

Private Member Functions

void alignWorkspaces ()
void clearWindows ()
void clientMessageEvent (XClientMessageEvent &event)
void load (const std::string &filename)
void propertyEvent (XPropertyEvent &event)
void sendChangeToWorkspace (unsigned int num)
void updateWindowHints (Window win)

Private Attributes

FbTk::Resource< Alignment > m_align
FbTk::Resource< int > m_alpha
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_background_color_str
std::string m_button_queue
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_change_workspace_button
ClientHandlerList m_clienthandlers
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_close_window_button
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_color_str
unsigned int m_curr_workspace
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_current_background_color_str
FbTk::Resource< int > m_drag_to_workspace_button
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_exit_button
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_focused_window_color_str
FbTk::Resource< bool > m_follow_drag
FbTk::Resource< bool > m_follow_move
int m_grab_x
int m_grab_y
XButtonEvent m_last_button_event
int m_last_workspace_num
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_lower_window_button
FbTk::Resource< int > m_move_in_workspace_button
struct FbPager::FbPager::MoveWindow m_move_window
FbTk::Resource< int > m_multiclick_time
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_next_workspace_button
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_prev_workspace_button
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_raise_window_button
FbTk::ResourceManager m_resmanager
FbRootWindow m_rootwin
FbTk::Resource< int > m_start_x
FbTk::Resource< int > m_start_y
FbTk::FbWindow m_window
FbTk::Resource< int > m_window_border_width
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_window_bordercolor_str
FbTk::Resource< std::string > m_window_color_str
FbTk::Resource< bool > m_window_icons
WindowList m_windows
FbTk::Resource< int > m_workspace_height
FbTk::Resource< int > m_workspace_width
WorkspaceList m_workspaces
FbTk::Resource< int > m_workspaces_per_row


struct  MoveWindow

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