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FbAtoms Class Reference

#include <FbAtoms.hh>

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Detailed Description

atom handler for base atoms

Definition at line 32 of file FbAtoms.hh.

Public Member Functions

 FbAtoms (Display *display)
Atom getFluxboxAttributesAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxChangeAttributesAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxChangeWindowFocusAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxChangeWorkspaceAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxCycleWindowFocusAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxHintsAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyCurrentWorkspaceAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyStartupAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyWindowAddAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyWindowDelAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyWindowFocusAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyWindowLowerAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyWindowRaiseAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxNotifyWorkspaceCountAtom () const
Atom getFluxboxStructureMessagesAtom () const
Atom getMotifWMHintsAtom () const
Atom getWMChangeStateAtom () const
Atom getWMColormapAtom () const
Atom getWMDeleteAtom () const
Atom getWMProtocolsAtom () const
Atom getWMStateAtom () const
Atom getWMTakeFocusAtom () const

Static Public Member Functions

static FbAtomsinstance ()

Private Member Functions

void initAtoms (Display *disp)

Private Attributes

Atom blackbox_attributes
Atom blackbox_change_attributes
Atom blackbox_change_window_focus
Atom blackbox_change_workspace
Atom blackbox_cycle_window_focus
Atom blackbox_hints
Atom blackbox_notify_current_workspace
Atom blackbox_notify_startup
Atom blackbox_notify_window_add
Atom blackbox_notify_window_del
Atom blackbox_notify_window_focus
Atom blackbox_notify_window_lower
Atom blackbox_notify_window_raise
Atom blackbox_notify_workspace_count
Atom blackbox_structure_messages
bool m_init
Atom motif_wm_hints
Atom xa_wm_change_state
Atom xa_wm_colormap_windows
Atom xa_wm_delete_window
Atom xa_wm_protocols
Atom xa_wm_state
Atom xa_wm_take_focus

Static Private Attributes

static FbAtomss_singleton = 0

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