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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FbTk::AppMain class for applications, every application must create an instance of this class
FbTk::ChangePropertyHelper class for some STL routines
FbTk::ColorAllocates rgb color and pixel value
FbTk::EventHandlerInterface for X events
FbTk::FbDrawableBasic drawing functions for X drawables
FbPager::FbPagerShows a pager window with all workspaces and their windows
FbTk::FbPixmapWrapper for X Pixmap
FbTk::FbWindowWrapper for X window
FbPager::FluxboxHandlerClient handler implementation for fluxbox
FbTk::GContextWrapper for X GC
FbPager::PagerPager interface
FbPager::RefBinder< ActionClass, ValueType, ReturnType >Helper class to bind referens argument
FbTk::Resource< T >Real resource class
FbTk::Resource_baseBase class for resources, this is only used in ResourceManager
FbTk::TransparentRenders to drawable together with an alpha mask

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